Black adam actor Dwayne Johnson eats 6 meals for 6000 calories a day Read more....

famous actor dwayne johnson  The Rock is trending on social media for his latest film Black Adam.  This former wrestler is a foodie who enjoys it.

According to an interview given on a fitness website, he consumes 6000 calories in a day.

Dwayne Johnson 6 food diet

BREAKFAST As per a fitness website, he starts his day with a bowl of rice or oatmeal with sour cream  With milk and eggs.

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BREAKFAST SNACK After his morning workout, he eats a bowl of rice and chicken.

LUNCH For lunch, he prefers chicken and some greens on the side.

ENERGY DRINK Post lunch hours, he enjoys energy drinks from his own brand, Zoa.

DINNER For dinner, he prefers some kind of protein, carbs, and greens on the side

CHEAT MEAL As per reports, Dwayne practises the philosophy of one cheat meal a week. One of his favourite cheat meals is the bacon and cheese burger.

The film is doing wonders through its box office performance.